PPCS Continue Infrastructure work in Road Right a of Ways

 Peirce Pepin Cooperative Services reached out to the Pierce County Snowmobile council to inform us that infrastructure work will be continuing throughout the winter months.  Snowmobilers riding in the ditch should take extra caution.  Please see the letter from the PPCS CEO.

December 17, 2021




Tom Lubich

President, Pierce County Snowmobile Club


Re:      2021 Snowmobile Season Hazards


Dear Tom:


It’s been an interesting start to winter with 18 or more inches of snow, then rain, thunder, and tornadoes. Even with the unusual weather, we know that Mother Nature will be sending good amounts of snow and cold weather – just what snowmobiling enthusiasts are waiting for.


We would like to make sure that everyone in Pierce and St. Croix counties who enjoy snowmobiling can do it safely. In September 2021, our subsidiary SwiftCurrent Connect began building our high-speed, fiber internet network. This entails both underground and overhead installations.


The work is continuing, and this means that our contractors have heavy equipment, tubing, and fiber spools, to name just a few, in our rights-of-way and adjoining fields and properties. We want to encourage all snowmobilers to remain on marked trails and avoid riding in the ditches, particularly in areas around River Falls, Beldenville, El Paso, and Ellsworth in Pierce County.


Thank you for helping us spread the word about these potential hazards. We hope everyone enjoys a safe and long riding season.



Nathan R. Boettcher

President and CEO