Trail Reports

Status: Closed
Condition: Closed

The Pierce County Snowmobile Trails are CLOSED

The Pierce County Snowmobile trails are CLOSED.

PLEASE DO NOT CUT CORNERS for any reason. If you cut corners you are part of the problem. Riding off the trail is consider trespassing and you will be issued a ticket if caught.  Idiots that ride off trail are the reason we lose trails. If you can't follow these simple rules, please stay home so you do not wreck it for the rest of us. 

ATVs/UTVs are NOT ALLOWED on the Pierce County Snowmobile Trails. If you are riding on the Snowmobile trail with an ATV/UTV you are TRESPASSING and can be charged if caught. Please do not ruin what the Snowmobilers have work so hard to build by selfishly riding your prohibited vehicle on our trail.


PLEASE RESPECT THE LANDOWNERS and ride only on the marked trail.