Please Respect Landowners Property

Snowmobilers MUST Respect Private Property

The Wisconsin snowmobile trail system is only possible due to the generosity of private landowners.

The majority of the Pierce County and Wisconsin state trail system passes over private land. 

As snowmobilers it is our responsibility to respect the private property and stay within the confines of the marked trails.  Cutting corners and going way outside in a corner is trespassing and should be avoided.   

Our gracious landowners do not want you haphazardly running all over their property, they could at any time remove permission and we would lose the trail. 

Trail reroutes are very difficult and very expensive and take money away from trail maintenance and grooming.


Respect your fellow riders as well.  Stay to the right, use proper hand signals and slow down when meeting other snowmobiles.

Pay attention to your surroundings, as the lead rider look ahead, watch for stop ahead and stop signs. Provide a good example for your fellow riders. Remember that every snowmobile needs to stop at every stop sign.

The large amount of snow this season has presented many challenges as well, club members are working hard to get grooming operations done and digging out signs covered by drifting and snow plows.  There are hundreds of road crossings and this process takes time.

No matter what part of our state you are riding in pay attention to signage.  If you feel more signage is necessary, note the location and make an attempt to convey the information to a local club so they can address the issue.  This can sometimes be as easy as mentioning the issue to the owners of the next place you stop for food our fuel.

Remember also that law enforcement is out there to make sure that everyone is having a safe and enjoyable riding experience.  Ride responsibly, have your machines properly registered, and have your trail passes displayed.

The associated clubs of Pierce County would like to thank all their club members who volunteer their time maintaining our great trail system.

Most importantly we would like to thank our landowners for allowing our trails to cross their property. Without them we have nowhere to ride.

Thank You,

Tom Lubich

President Pierce County Snowmobile Council